bedroom overlooking brooklyn bridge

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1 Hotels

As a life-style hotel brand inspired by nature, 1 Hotels cultivates the best of conscious design, and sustainable architecture with extraordinary comfort and an unrivalled level of service. 1 hotels was developed with the simple idea the nature isn't just beautiful -- it changes the way we feel. 

Baccarat Hotels

In white daylight, rainbows cascading, a spectrum of swatches cast from a trillion facets. By night, dimmed shimmer and champagne flutes. Gem-red spheres of fresh roses. This is Baccarat.


Treehouse Hotels

From the team that created 1 Hotels. It's new...and nostalgic. Shedding light...and warmth. Woody...and wild. Treehouse evokes the excitement,  anticipation and adventure of climbing up inside your own special make lasting memories.

SH Collection

Our collection of unique luxury and lifestyle hotel brands.