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A leafy green area outside of 1 Hotels Hanalei Bay

For the Planet & Its People


Our mission centers around a simple ethos: the world is beautiful, and we want to keep it that way. From the locations we call home to the ingredients we source, every detail reflects our awe and gratitude for the planet and its people.

Making Waves

At SH Hotels & Resorts, we take a holistic approach to sustainability, honoring and celebrating the natural world every chance we get. Through innovative water stewardship practices, carbon management, waste diversion and circularity, and sustainable sourcing, we find harmony between unparalleled luxury experiences and a deep-rooted respect for the planet.

As we continuously and consciously work to reduce our carbon footprint, we also seek to uplift the communities and cultures that surround our properties. From purposeful partnerships to interior designs and initiatives that highlight native cultures, we hope to empower and inspire everyone around us to join our mission.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability underpins all that we do: Without a safe and healthy planet for all, we cannot live and thrive as people. Our community is a global one and we realize that our ability to safeguard our environment extends beyond the "four walls" of our properties. These priorities shape our efforts to protect the beauty of this planet. 

  • Build Sustainably: Much like our mission, the SH Hotels & Resorts building methodology is all-encompassing. In fact, our intention begins far before we ever break ground, from the moment we choose to take root in destinations that reinforce our values. The majority of our hotels are minimum LEED or BREEAM Certified or certification underway.
  • Nourish: Our renowned chefs curate culinary masterpieces, respecting local culture and honoring the natural world through robust sustainability practices.
  • Share Our Message: We have the unique opportunity to share the ethereal beauty and vulnerability of nature with the world, and we’ll never take that for granted. 

People & Equity

In the Hospitality business, our people are our business and our family. It is essential that we support the equity, growth and development of all our teammembers in any way that we can.

  • Diversity & Inclusion: Creating a culture of inclusivity is our responsibility as human beings—to each other, and to the beautiful world we share. We stand together in our pledge to grow diverse and equitable representation for everyone in our growing community of team members, guests, and partners.
  • Our Commitment: We nurture positive social impact by fine-tuning our own professional development programs, carving out opportunities for our team members to give back to their communities, intentionally growing our minority representation in leadership, and funneling resources back into underserved communities.
  • Impact Giving: We’re proud to partner with organizations that share our drive and passion to benefit the world, including Housing Works, Copia, Oceanic Global, and the NRDC.
  • Pay It Forward: Through our ever-evolving Pay It Forward program, we offer our team members new opportunities for self-care and community outreach—because the grass is greener where you water it. Every year, our team members are allotted paid time off to volunteer in their communities.
  • Talent with Shared Values: We’re always looking for new opportunities to build sustainable and equitable leadership across our management teams.


Contributing to a sustainable economy and the prosperity of our communities is essential to our success as a business. We aim to use our core business to contribute to a more sustainable future.

  • Good Governance: By embedding sustainability and equity into our culture and identity from the start, we’ve not only established systems that prioritize the planet and the people, we’ve created powerful systems of accountability that will remain intact as we continue to grow and evaluate our ESG metrics and goals.
  • Our Growing Pipeline: As a company rooted in sustainability, the long-term resiliency of our properties, by definition, anchors our strategy for growth and impact.

Sustainability in Every Step

Our mission centers around a simple ethos: the world is beautiful, and we want to keep it that way. From the locations we call home to the ingredients we source, every detail reflects our awe and gratitude for the planet and its people.

Energy Efficiency

Carbon Footprint

We embrace cutting-edge technologies, efficient methods, and clean renewable energy where possible to power unforgettable moments that you can truly feel good about.

Water Stewardship icon

Water Stewardship

From filtered water to low-flow faucets, rehydrate and rejuvenate in a way that protects the planet’s most precious resource.

Waste Reduction

Waste & Circularity

From reusable water bottles to our diligent composting methods, we embrace thoughtful methods to reduce waste and maximize recycling, effortlessly.

Local Sourcing

Sustainable Sourcing

We believe in supporting our neighbors and planet through sustainable and local sourcing where possible that celebrates the seasons and reduces our collective footprint.


Community Empowerment

By spreading the word about our sustainability efforts, we aim to raise awareness and ignite a positive ripple effect.